Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's a mask day again!

Many things can happen while doing mask, i mean facial mask.
If you are not careful, serious internal injuries may result.

It is not a laughing matter. You may think that i am exaggerating things up.
But I'M NOT. Take my word.

For instance, my roommate and I were doing facial in room and I tried her mask, which happened to be black-coloured.

So, after we applied it. We looked exactly like refugee.

Exactly like this.

We both found ourselves so funny, yet we cant laugh out loud like we always did.
Bearing the laughter is like an explosive bomb in the body, that we found ourselves nearly being torn apart.

So, in order to make this memorable moment permanent, we decided to take photo.
However, we found that we were as if being injected with botox.

A poker face. Emotionless.
We can't twitch any of the facial muscle.
Can't laugh. Can't frown. Can't even stick the tongue out, the mouth opening was so limited.

This is the saddest looking photo, ever.....

Thank God for blessing us with the ability to laugh, smile, frown, cry....

Can't laugh is sooooo tormenting!

Friday, March 4, 2011

A future career, perhaps???

Language is difficult.
It can be signs, symbols, numbers, or just simply words... Or maybe body language as well.

However, among all, I find languages of strokes and hills and pits and bumps most difficult to comprehend.
It would need genius brain to learn it.
And I called it, the alien language.....

At first I thought braille is unique enough, not until you see this.

Oh... Pengsan!
Worse writing ever.
If you have no idea what alien language is this, this is the electrogram (ECG) that show your heart beat patterns.
That's all I can understand.

There is seriously a need to have a ECGiologist to learn this Mars-language (or whatever planet it is) so as to lighten medical students' burden.


Sounds good, actually. =)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hellooo.... What's wrong??!

Everything went wrong
Can't there be peace among them?

That is the only word to describe the situation.

I had no idea since when that my printer starts having problem with my laptop.
They just can't get connected.
Once they meet, they argued. And my laptop chose to turn away from him and SHUT DOWN automatically!
You had no idea how many times i tried to pair them up till i succeed for once!!

Then is the issue of my lovely printer with its cartridge.
The cartridge seemed to be unsatisfied to work behind the scene and began his silent protest.
He was way too temperamental, i would say.
He would not cooperate as I instructed (occasionally) and brought much frustration to me when i wanna to print notes!

The next thing is my handset and my computer.
They had been good partners all this while.
However, something happened. They just can't click together anymore.
File transferring was never as easy as it was. Not anymore. =(

I had no single clue on what is the issue all about since they are all so so so so so compatible with my roommate's laptop!!!

Am in frustration.....

Is there any affair among them that I am not aware of??

Oh, please...
Heaven help me!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Typical Lazaholic

A long long time ago,
There lived a girl who was very lazy.
And thus was named LAZAHOLIC...

(just trying to act fairy tale-ish ^^)

Anyway, the "fairy tale turns out to be true.
I guess that's why my mum believed the fortune-teller in the first place.
He must be so incredible to be able to foresee my laziness when i was still a baby!
So, he advised my mum to named me “美晶” (meijing) which sounds exactly like US dollar.
According to him, the 3 suns in my chinese name will make me very hardworking, but i suppose he miscalculated something which results to ME nowadays.

What a beautiful name!!
Oh wait wait... that reminds me of the fairy tale stories again...

There the fairies gathered and gave the little princess their blessings and agreed on naming her....
Stop right there. Day dreaming, stop!

Back to the main point...
I would never post this if i had not been insomnia. Since med school o had never ever had trouble sleeping. I sleep anywhere, anytime, anyway.
And i mean it!
In the middle of class. Right before and after class. On bus. Right after meal. In my bf's car on the way to date. On the way to church. On the way back from church. Etc...

I had no idea how i perform the art of sleeping and napping to such perfection.
Perhaps it is in my blood.
What to do??

So, finally i discovered my ONLY talent...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


If it takes centuries of hard work, careful planning and incredibly brilliant brains to build any of the 7 wonders of the world....

Then it will have to take millions, billions, trillions and whatever-llions of miracles for a direction idiot like me to drive ALONE from cheras to monash!!

It had to be recorded in the Guinness World Record, for heaven sake!

Firstly, i would like to use this opportunity to thank my bf for making me memorizing the turns and traffic lights and signs boards, and bridges however fruitless his effort is.

And it ended up with me the amazing artist to produce the map of the century...

I can assure you that you can reach monash without getting lost if and only if you can read, understand and follow the map!
LOL... ^^

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thanks for reminding

If you had known me well, then you should have known that it forgetfulness and absent-mindedness are so typical of me.

Well, this time it is not about me being forgetful and absent-minded.
It is about how I think.

I was sad and regretful.
Guilty and gloomy.
Disappointed of my own performance and bad luck.
Regretful of what I did last time.
Sighing of my bad luck with interviews and scholarship application and etc..
I am falling into a trap of endless self-pity.

eeyorJPEG.jpg eeyor achterruit image by Corsanet

However, a word from the mouth of a sister in church enlightened me.

"You should be grateful. There are some that can't continue their studies as they can't get a scholarship. But you can. You have a great dad that is able to support you financially."

Thanks for reminding.
I never think of that.

At that moment, I just want to phone my dad and tell him how much I love him, how much i appreciate him and how grateful I am to have him as my dad.
I nearly cried out.

I phoned him up.
And he replied: "This is my responsibility."

Yet, he had done it too well.
I always get the best from him.
I will never be lacking.

In the phone he asked:
"When are you coming back?"

"This coming Saturday."

"Is there anything that you want? Tell me and I'll buy for you. Have you tell mama what you want to eat?"

Although he had told me the same thing many times before. But this time, it came with an overwhelming feeling of love and concern that touched me deeply.

Thank you, papa...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

the simple truth

Men are from Mars.
Women are from Venus.

Why Eve who was created from Adam's rib bone can be so different from him???
Only God knows...

But i suppose that makes two people one.
After all, opposite attract, alike repels.

Scientifically, the differences between men and women can be summarized by some Simpsons terms.

Still don't get it???
Don't worry. Me too... Hahah... ^^

It simply means,


and this...

How they think (i mean where the data are processed, obviously)
determines what they see and react.

She never get satisfied with how she looks.
He never satisfy with how she looks.

She screams and shouts and squeals when a needle pokes her finger.
He acts cool when he had his wound stitched.

She can squeeze pimples for hours without wincing.
He screams and yells like nobody business when you squeeze his pimples.

Alright, enough with the reactions.
Men and women are merely physically different.